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New Release!!! 1000 Station Wifi Zigbee Bluetooth Wireless Intercom systems ISM1600:

We introducing ISM BAND 2.4Ghz WIFI Zigbee Bluetooth, which is world open band wireless Intercom system. You can dial and communicate between all extensions up to 1000 intercoms. Each of the intercoms have one, two or three digits  programmable number like 1,12,- - 999. You can easily use as normal telephone. For using lift handset, hear the dial tone and dial required intercom number, then dialed intercom will ring and also you can hear the ring back tone, when the person lift the handset, you can communicate each other. This wireless intercom using Encrypted Adaptive Frequency Hopping Technology. So that they have super Anti-Jamming capability and nobody can't tap your communication.  And also you can communicate up to 250 person at a time without cross taking or mingling.

Range up to 300m without any cabling in open area. We have also 1000m range model on request. Battery backup facility also available on request.

Ideal for : Hotels, Villas apt, Apartment flats, Multistory house, Multistory Building, Lodges, Works site, Hospitals, Banks, Factories, with in Ship, Cruiser, with in Vehicles, Houses to Shops, Houses to Offices, Shops to Godown etc.

We can also develop customized long range wireless data  transmitter / receiver Hardware and software for monitoring controlling equipments

Our Power line Intercoms details:

Thodukonics Invented a new technique for wireless communication via 100~250 volt ac electric line in1990 and started marketing them in the brand name of Powerfone. The main advantage of this advanced intercommunication equipment, the Powerfone, is that this intercom requires no extra wiring as it can work through electric power supply wire. And it will be working any country which is AC voltage from 90V to 250V. You can get the best performance and long range, when the Powerfones are connected on the same power distribution transformer and same phase lines. You can also plug our intercom into DUAL Phase 220V AC outlet for avoiding phase problem (110V region). Conclusion: Normal Telephone working via Telephone line (wire) then our intercom working via 110V or 230V electric supply line. So that not required any additional wiring. The use of high quality components, precisely tuned electronic oscillator circuits and the advanced FM technology in our systems, enable you to get the digital clarity and long range, in comparison with the same kind of products available in the global market. The Strict quality control in the manufacturing process ensure durability and the best operational performance of these products. Actually there are no equivalent products in the market for some of our models.

DC line carrier wave FM intercoms also suitable for vehicles

Two station wireless Intercom N60

1000 Stations Wireless Intercom NEW

WirelessIntercom Call Dialing N61D

Master slave intercom upto 1000 lines N62

Wireless Multi Channel Intercom M16

Car Vehicle Intercom System N60V
Wireless Security Apartment Door Phone N62DP
Earth wire intercom same model as above

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Installation of the system is very simple. Just plug intercom into the 100~240V ac outlet in the required places, now the system is ready for communication. you can shift the system as and when, where ever you need, yourself easily.
You can also plug our intercom into "DUAL Phase" 220V AC outlet for avoiding phase problem.  Available models: Long range hotline wireless home intercom system, cordless telephone Call transferring intercom, Wireless multi-channel intercom system up to 1000 stations, wireless multi-line EPAX. If you are not in same transformer, we have also single core wire wired intercom systems .More details click on models.
Common Features:

Wireless Operation Intercom through electric power line Digital automatic channel selection (no manual switch)Works on 90~240V AC Power line Different Channel Different Security Code Long Range (up to 2KM, 6000 ft.) Up to 1000 StationsDigital wireless intercom FM Technology Full duplex  Conversation (no push to talk) Original Ring Back Tone 50~250 Volt SMPS power supply One Year Warranty

WhatsApp, Viber : +91 9447034020, Skype: thodukonics

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This fm wireless intercoms are also called Mains power intercom, Door Entry intercom, household power intercom, household electricity circuit intercom, domestic power intercom, wall power intercom, line power intercom, AC power plug-in intercom, hotline wireless interphone or grid power intercom, wireless security intercoms, plug and play intercom, Car intercom system, apt doorbell, vehicle intercom systems available.

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