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Note: We do not accept return from international buyers due to involving of customs. Some time Indian customs will charge us duty also even if return item.

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Two station wireless Intercom

Wireless Intercom Call Transferring

Wireless Intercom Call Dialing

Master slave intercom up to 1000 lines

Wireless Multi Channel Intercom

Car Vehicle Intercom System
Wireless Security Apartment Door Phone
Earth wire intercom

Some more useful information about our intercoms.

In our FM wireless intercom system, mainly we have Two/Three type of transmission:

1. Power line transmission. In this type intercom, communication signal passing via your 230V/110V power supply line.

Advantage: This model intercom will work with in your 110/230V power distribution transformer on one phase line. (they may  have total three phase) and you will get more range. only required two pin AC outlet for plug the intercom.

Disadvantage. This model work only with in same phase line, not work perfectly to other phase lines. and some voice disturbance may happen when working some other domestic electrical/electronic equipment.

2. Transmission via Earth/ground and neutral wire. In this type intercom, communication signal passing via earth and neutral of your power supply wiring. Not using phase line.

Advantage: This model intercom will work all three phase line. No voice disturbance happening when using other electrical/electronic equipment.

Disadvantage. This model will work all three phase line. But Required 3 pin AC outlet with earth connection for working this model intercom. Because we using 3 core power cable. Not work with out earth/ground connection of your house wiring.

If power supply neutral wire connected to ground in your building, the Intercom will not work to out side of the building or in between building.

3. "Single Core Wired" Intercom.  You can also convert Earth Line model to this:

This model will work even if in different transformer or phase. Guaranteed working. and also you will get up to 100KM range. You can also use any existing wire like Land Telephone cable or old intercom wiring or Cable TV wire outer shield etc... Because through this wire only passing RF signal. No any high Voltage

If you choose earth line model, you can also convert it to power line model and also single core wired model your self. Price for three models are same.

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