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Power line Wireless  Intercom Hotline Model N60 / ISM900 / ISM1000:
You can communicate between two stations without any wiring. The hot line intercom conversation just like as a normal telephone. There is no need of “to push to talk” (it is noted that, most of the wireless products are available in the markets are “push talks”). You will get a range of up to 2KM in a less loaded rural area on same electric phases. If you are in different phase, you can use our earth wire intercom. or single core wire wired intercom systems (*Now days not recommended power line Intercom due to lot of power line disturbance. Our New 900Mhz or 2.4Ghz intercom is better for now )
Cordless Operation   Works over 90~240V AC supply line FM technology Different channel and Different security code   Both way communication  Original ring back tone Loud and pleasant telephone type ringing   Both party ring cut off system Light weight hand set No mechanical switch (hook switch)     Simple operation   Easy Installation Wall - mountable  Price for N60: Rs-2200.00,  US
$52.00 (per pair) Place your order

900Mhz /2.4Ghz Wireless  Intercom Hotline Model ISM900 (900Mhz) and  ISM1000 (2.4Ghz) :

This is Our TWO user 900Mhz and 2.4Ghz wireless Intercom. It is working like a smart Walkie Talkie. But no push to talk required by your self. It will automatically push to talk the rate of 100 time per Second. So that you feel full duplex communication. And also Transmission and Reception ratio is only 1:5 (compression technique) so that very low power consumption. and also we using Dynamic transmission power selection so transmission power depends on communication range.

Model ISM900 is a 900Mhz Two User wireless Intercom.  It will work 400m in open land and 50-100m indoor.

Model ISM1000 is 2.4Ghz Two User wireless Intercom. It will work 200m in open land and 30-70m indoor.

Price ISM900: Rs 3850/-,  US$: Price ISM1000: Rs 3500/-,  US$70  Place your order
Ideal for : 
Office home intercom systems, Houses to Shops, Houses to Offices, Shops to Godown, Hospitals, Banks, Factories, etc.
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Installation of the system is very simple. Just plug intercom into the 100~240V ac outlet in the required places, now the system is ready for communication. you can shift the system as and when, where ever you need, yourself easily.
You can also plug our intercom into "DUAL Phase" 220V AC outlet for avoiding phase problem.  Available models: Long range hotline wireless home intercom system, cordless telephone Call transferring intercom, Wireless multi-channel intercom system up to 1000 stations, wireless multi-line EPAX. If you are not in same transformer, we have also single core wire wired intercom systems.  More details click on models.
Power Line Intercom Features:

Wireless Operation Intercom through electric power line Digital automatic channel selection (no manual switch)Works on 90~240V AC Power line Different Channel Different Security Code Long Range (up to 2KM*, 6000 ft.* ) Up to 1000 StationsDigital wireless intercom FM Technology Full duplex  Conversation (no push to talk) Original Ring Back Tone 50~250 Volt SMPS power supply One Year Warranty

 (*Now days not recommended power line Intercom due to lot of power line disturbance. Our New 900Mhz or 2.4Ghz intercom is better for now )

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